Getting Started

I Didn't forget about my first quilt! I just decided that I should start the story before that! So for posterity's sake here's my little story about how I got into quilting!

Growing up my mom and I went on the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop every year. For more information you can check them out Here. But basically a bunch of quilt shops get together and each of them designs a block. Then they put together packages with either all or most of the fabric you would need for that block and directions to make it. You go from shop to shop (there are TONS of shops to get to!) and you get a free block at each stop! Super fun! You get to see all kinds of quilt shops that you might not otherwise have gotten to see. They almost always have fabric sales on too!

We learned about this one year when my Nama was visiting from Kansas. She is a quilter and so we would always take her to the quilt shop when she visited. They told us all about it and one year mom and I decided to go. I was in awe of all the beautiful fabrics and so I would bring along whatever money I had and buy fabric while we were out. I ended up with quite a stash before I even knew how to sew!

There's me, my two little sisters, mom and Gran on the shop hop one year.

So that's how I started collecting fabric and where I first got interested in the idea of quilting. More on my First Quilt to come!

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