Stash Sunday!

Here's to my first stash Sunday!

I decided that it was time to organize it all! I wanted it to be more accessable and open so that I could see it and get at it easier. I find that I have a bad habit of out of sight out of mind... So here is what I started with 

I sorted all the pieces that I deemed big enough into color piles and had the giant pile of scraps if the corner.

Then I organized it all on this shelf that I pilfered from another room in my house!

I would REALLY love to tell you that it got cleaned up a bit more...and I would even settle for saying that it just hasn't gotten any messier...but those would both be lies. However! I did clear off my cutting table this weekend! Although i'm not sure it counts since I just pushed all my scraps into a bucket instead of organizing them...Oh well! You win some you lose some right?! How goes your struggles with the clutter? Or are you a Jedi that uses the force to keep it all neat?

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