Color Intensive

I have been taking the Color Intensive online class from Rachel over at Stitched In Color and so far I am really enjoying it! I'm learning to be more thoughtful and aware in my color choices, instead of just running with my first instinct! (although I'm sure that I will still be doing lots of that as well!) It's helped me to bring a little more meaning into my choices and helped me focus the message that i'm trying to send with each particular quilt.

I'm REALLY enjoying the mosaic challenges too! My sewing room is a bit of a mess and I have WAY too many projects going right now so digging into my stash for some of the assignments sounded more like a chore then fun, but with these mosaic challenges I'm using online fabric stores and that's much more manageable! Here are the two that I have completed so far!

This is my spring time challenge. The theme for mine was "springtime in seattle", there always seems to be a bit more grey to our spring than anything else! Put we do get some pops of those brighter colors! (if only in the clothes I'm wearing LOL!)

And here is this weeks! We are talking about rainbow blends so we made a color wheel mosaic!

This class has been amazingly fun so far and I can't wait to find the time to take some more quilting classes!

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  1. Such pretty fabrics in both of your mosaics! I like your eye for prints.