Where In The World Is Nutmeg??

Oh hello! 

Are you still out there my dear quilty friends?? I guess things have been a little crazy lately. But really...mostly...honestly..I got a little discouraged. I didn't feel like anyone was listening and talking to an empty internet wasn't much fun. Only guess what! In order to get people to follow your blog...you have to actually be writing one! Isn't that weird?! Anyways....lets try this again shall we?!

So! What HAVE I been up to? Well here's a quick summary and I'll get some posts up with some details starting tomorrow! I'm gonna be so much better about blogging this time I promise! (I mean probably. Maybe. Possibly. I'll try OK!)

Finished top for my moms quilt

This dude not letting me get any work done!

Aly finished her quilt!

Taught these two how to quilt!

Joined a quilting bee

Made some bags

This guy Still won't let me work!

Finished Husbands quilt!

Inherited her!!

Tried to learn FMQ (so far I really like it!)

And joined a mini quilt swap! Check out all about it Here!

So that's it for today. I will try to be back tomorrow with a substantial post about something!!!

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