Shop Hop!

Hey guys! I'm back! Shop hop was AMAZING! SO.MUCH.FUN! Also...spend all the money...oops! 
My Grandma flew in from Kansas to do this with us. Mom rented a mini van and my two grandmas, two younger sisters, mom and I all piled in! 1300 miles, 5 ferries, 5 major bridges, 2 hotels, 6 people, 51 quilt shops, in 5 days!!
Here we are (minus Grany she had to take the pic) outside the first shop! I made the bags for each of us (post coming soon with all that info!) (also doesn't middle sister look so thrilled! She's not a morning person)

There was A LOT of this! 

This book helped a lot!

Here's some picture overload of all the shenanigans:

We love ferries!

Bonding with middle sister (don't tell her I posted the sleeping picture!)

I need both of these things in my life! ;)

Bought mommy flowers to say thanks for driving! (isn't she gorgeous?!)

Here we are in front of the last shop!

Annnnnd.....since I know you're dying to know!
here's all the stuff I bought!!

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