The Husbands Quilt

My Husband begged for a quilt from the moment that I started my very first one. He wanted a blue one. I didn't feel like making a blue one. Blue is not my favorite color. Aqua I love! Royal blue? No. He will still get a blue quilt (with gray and black and maybe a bit of green to lessen all the blue) but for now I made him his OTHER quilt request.

A WSU quilt! Those are his toes you can see. He absolutley loves it.  That's the important thing. But I have to be honest...this thing was AWEFUL to make! First of all those half square triangles are pretty big..but there is still a TON of them on that thing. and sewing that many squares together into rows got REALLY monotonous. Especially since I couldn't chain piece because I KNOW I would have messed up the layout...and that's kinda the whole point of the quilt ya know?! So that was my first problem...severe boredom...

Next problem?? I used the stich and flip method. The backing is minkyish and so it didn't need any batting so this seemed like a great idea right? NOT IF YOU LIVE IN AN APARTMENT! There was NO good place to lay it out and smooth it down for each row. so there are puckers. Some are very large. Some I managed to mostly tame when i flipped the back over to bind (nevermind how much trouble the minky was for binding the corners!) 

THEN! it came apart at some seams in the wash! He still loves it, and I learned a lot...but this was seriously the quilt from hell for me!

Was that sufficiantly whiny?? If you didn't quite understand how aweful that quilt was just let me know...I'm sure I can think of other things to complain about ;)

See you soon! (with a less whiny post probably)

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