Six Bags In Four Days

Remember the bags that I made for shop hop?? 

Here's my super blurry picture of all six once I finished them. I knew I wanted to make bags for everyone but it took me awhile to get started (I have large procrastination issues lol!) 

I used this sassy summer tote tutorial from Fort Worth Fabric studio but used a different decoration instead of the dresden.

For my mom, two grandmas, and myself I made a stitch block from Fig Tree and Co 
I ironed over a quarter inch and then used a cute decorative stitch to applique them onto our bags.

Here are all the piles as I was making those

and the snacks I needed to keep myself motivated

I got a little lazy with my sisters bags. Ironing over those quarter inches took forever so I decided to just raw edge them on with a zig zag stitch. Neither of them are big sewers (though little keeps saying she's going to be) so I wanted to pick more meaningful patterns for the decorations on their bags. I ended up REALLY loving their bags!

 I made some raindrops for one sister using the pattern pieces from the rainy day bag pattern from Camille Roskelley

For the last bag (the pink one) I used a red letter day mini block

Isn't she adorable?? Well she thinks so anyways lol!

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