Oh Hello!

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. That meant that I didn't have much to post about. I've been thinking about what I want this blog to be and how I want to manage it. One of the things that has become very clear is that I need to have better pictures. The phone pictures suck. Unfortunately I don't own a better camera and on top of that I was having A hard time taking pictures that weren't at night!

My awesome friend came over (well quite awhile ago but whatever!) and helped me take some good ones with her camera. So I do have a bit of something to show you today!

(You can tell how long ago this was since i'm in a skirt and a t-shirt at 6 at night! Right now as I type it's only 43 degrees out...I know this might not sound bad to some of you but i'm COLD!)

But mostly this is a post to tell you that I might not be blogging for a little while again while I try to work out what needs to be done. This is my way of trying to be accountable. I'm writing this here in hopes that it will keep me motivated to get it together!

I wanted to get some good pictures of the finished quilts that I've made and still have at the house with me. So here are a few of those with a bit of story. Most have their own post and I'll link those here too :)

Here is the WSU quilt that I made for my husband. I learned a lot about what NOT to do when sewing with minky! I haven't tried another since but I think I know some different things to try next time! Maybe I'll do a post sometime about my struggles. I should probably find some solutions first though!

 Here is my finished Penny Patch quilt. I realized when we got back inside and I looked at all our photo's that I hadn't gotten a good shot of the full quilt for this one! GRRR. Oh well. I got some cute draped ones on this bench so that's fun :)

This is the first quilt I ever made! The picture could use some editing buuuuut.....I'm really super awful at that. So maybe if someone wants to come and teach me?! K thanks!

I've been making a TON of these bags lately! Mostly for family (The one in back moved in with my mom) They are super great and super fast and AMAZING scrap buster projects! I started with the thimbleblossoms Rainy Day Sewing Patern and then changed the dimensions to fit my scraps and the sizes that I wanted. The pattern is wonderful! I've been sorting and ironing all my scraps the last couple days because I have the urge to make a TON more!

And here's a picture of me and the Husbeast. You can see that he is very impressed to be dragged into quilt pictures. (Don't let him fool you. He actually loves helping out!)

Until Next Time!

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