Confessions Of A Scrap Hoarder

Guys. I hoard scraps. I LOVE scraps! And I can't Bring myself to toss them! Even the smallest of pieces I can't seem to get rid of! 

I tend to like really scrappy looking quilts. When I shop for fabric I buy mostly quarter yard cuts because I can get a lot of variety pretty cheaply. I use a little bit of a ton of fabrics and that means I end up with a lot of small leftovers.

When I either get somewhat sick of the fabric or I have a small strip that I just don't think makes sense to keep as is anymore I cut them into 2 1/2 inch squares. 

I sort all of these into two sets - warm colors vs. cool colors. I will be making one quilt from each set. 

Then I arrange them into these scrappy trip around the world blocks.

Now, because I'm meg, and nothing can ever be simple in my life, there are rules. Yes, more than just the warm color vs. cool color rule. Then, also's me people...I broke basically all my rules at one point or another! Let me just say one more time thank you to anyone who has sat with me and helped me make blocks. Also that I'm sorry for any yelling or...fabric throwing...that might have happened while we were making these.

Rule No. 1! There are two sets for a reason....they do not co-mingle! These blocks are all organized and ready to go. I keep the bags close to my sewing machine to use as leaders and enders :)

 Rule No. 2! Each block should have two colors (This one is blue and green) 

Rule No.3! Whites, Grays, and Blacks are considered neutrals and may be used in any block.

These are the only really official rules. Then I would arbitrarily make decisions during the process. I'm not sure how my friends and family have been putting up with this behavior but some of them have voluntarily done this with me more than once!

Oh hey look....I cheated in this only has one color.

Oh and look....This one ended up looking like pink and know...a warm color and a cool color....playing together?! I have trouble with authority...even if it's my own. 

So here are some of the finished cool blocks

And the warm ones.

 I had originally thought to do two lap size quilts. But the piles are growing rapidly so who knows how large they will end up!

See you later!

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