Three Finished Christmas Gifts

Well hello!

I don't know if you remember my grand plan to make SIX quilts for Christmas. That I came up with only a couple months before Christmas last year? Yeah, I'm famous for that round these parts. If I have a gift completed before midnight the night before it's due my husband thinks I'm sick. True story.

Well, Christmas last year was no exception. But guess what? It's pretty hard to finish that many quilts right before Christmas. So I only managed to get three of them done in time. BOO!

Here's Little with her Penny Patch, holding it sideways.

Here is Middle with her Giant Vintage Star.

And here is my beautiful Mama with her Piece Of Cake 3!

They all loved them and that makes me VERY happy :) 

Luckily I still had the bags I was making for the other three for Christmas 2013 sitting around so I finished those up and gave them to them... I know..super lame..I don't want to talk about it. 

But now I have two of those three quilted and one of the three is all bound while the other is almost. Hand binding was super fun for the first quilt and a half but then lost it's luster. Oh well! too late now! I'll finish soon...ish.

See you later lovelies!

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