My Life Monday: New Job, New Car Edition

Hey guys! It's Monday and I thought it might be nice to pop in with a hello and some of the stuff that's been going on over here! Maybe I'll do this every Monday! It could happen!

So what's new with me? Well today is my first day at a new job. The family I was with before is taking a long vacation to India so I am working for one of their cousins now! I'm glad that it all went smoothly for the transition and I didn't have to job search again! I am now with a 1 year old and she's adorable!

Also! I got a new car! I am absolutely in love! Or....I was...Until I got rear ended a couple weeks ago :(

Yeah..that was a big bummer and super duper no fun! I had to take some time off of sewing and I'm still not able to do much or my back starts to ache. I've been doing PT so hopefully it will get back to normal soon!

Luckily I've had this little mop to keep me company on the couch :)

I've been slowly getting more done for my Cotton+Steel mini quilt swap and I am in LOVE! Can't wait till it's been received so I can show it off!

I finally got around to finishing this project! My wonderful Grandma new I needed a better chair for my sewing room and picked one up for me from the second hand store and it was the perfect hight! too bad the cushion cover was aweful! SO I dug out an old dress that the zipper had broken and TADA! Sparkly sewing room chair! Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder ;)

The best news of all?! My best friend is getting married in August! I am soooo excited for her! I've been busy planning her bridal shower! 

Thanks for stopping by!
See You later Lovelies!

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  1. How annoying about the car! I hope the pain subsides and you can get back to your sewing. I love the look of your Cotton + Steel pieces!

    1. Ugh I know! It was supposed to be done last week and they called thursday to say it wouldn't be ready :( Supposedly this week! I'm absolutely in love with my cotton and steel mini! And luckily I was a bit overzealous about cutting the strips so I have more than enough for a second one for me!