WIP Wednesday: The My First Swoon Edition

This week on my life Monday Meg gets a lesson in the days of the week! Oops...It's Thursday and I'm just now writing this. However! I have a super good reason....Remember that new job we talked about last week? Well...I got laid off after my first week :( Apparently they had been thinking about putting her in daycare and were waiting for a spot. Well one opened up so out the door I went. So this week has been a whirlwind of stress and job applications and resumes and did I mention stress??? I really hate job searching! Luckily I have found a new family and will be starting there on Monday! I'm super excited for this one as it seems like an absolutely amazing opportunity!

Hey Meg! Wheres the fabric?! I know right! So anyways, back to the important stuff! This week I've been working on my Swoon blocks! I will admit that I wasn't sure that this day would ever come. When I started quilting this pattern was everywhere. Camille really hit it out of the park on this one in my opinion. Everywhere I looked I saw this pattern and I wanted it! I read every post I could about it and looked and hundreds of photos of different peoples versions. My favorite two are this amazing jeweled beauty by Lulu Carter, and this all AMH one from the Camille herself! So....what's taken me so long? Well. This quilt was huge in my mind. I loved it sooo much. I was terrified! I wanted one SOOO badly and I wanted it to be AMAZING and it just had to be!

Enter my wonderful amazing and extremely patient friends. My two besties sat with me, on the floor in my sewing room. FOR HOURS. On more than three occasions. We made piles and tore them apart and made pairs and tore them apart. We must have chosen fabric for this quilt 200 times. We would have it all set and then....I would decide that I didn't like it and change it..over. and over. and over. I threw fits too...and fabric. I'm not proud! But it happened..

(oh man! I did that top right corner wrong! I'll fix it!)

Then,..all of a sudden...magic! Brenna came over and we were talking about the mythical swoon quilt. At the time I had decided that I wanted an all Anna Maria Horner swoon like Camilles but I was having trouble choosing the prints (because all I wanted was the good folks that Camille used and it's out of print!) and just like magic....Brenna did it. Girl was wearing her super woman cape or something! She came in like a fresh rain and washed all my anxiety away. She just started pairing fabric and somehow had me calm enough that not only did I not throw fabric at her but we pulled fabric for TWO swoon quilts! In one night! We have been trying to pull fabric for this quilt for TWO YEARS! It was amazing. Seriously...you should have seen her. 

So I have started working on this first one with the gray background. After I got the first couple blocks done and had a good rythm I've started chain piecing. It's looking so good and I'm SO thrilled to be finally starting on this dream quilt! 

Do you guys have any quilts like this? Amazing favorites that you couldn't even start? Or fabric you can't bring yourself to cut into? Hope I'm not the only one!

See you later lovelies!

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  1. hahaha I love the fresh rain comment! And of course you're not the only one! :)