W.I.P Wednesday: The Quilt That Never Ends

My wip this week is actually a super late Christmas gift! I know right? So lame. Luckily my sister loves me anyway!

Here is a look at my original fabric pull. I added one more fabric to fill it out (some Lizzy House pearl bracelets that were the perfect purple!) but none of these original fabrics changed, that's a big deal for me..just ask my friends who help me with fabric pulls! Can we just take a minute for that background fabric? I don't feel like you really understand the amazingness of the fabric from this picture! It's this super deep rich grey that reads closer to black when you're farther away. I'm in love. It's Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Charcoal if you're wondering!

I took this amazingness and made a giant star quilt. I'm SO proud of how it turned out! Then why is it still a wip you ask? Well, I loved it SO much that I knew I wanted to do it justice when I quilted it!

Enter Meg's crazy brilliant idea!

The crazy was underlined for a reason people. Lets all ignore my less than stellar photo editing and get to the facts mmkay? This was my start plan. Looks ok right? Easy enough? Well it would have been except that the metal guide thingy for my walking foot kept getting pushed so I was having trouble keeping everything even. So I decided to just use the actual foot as my guide.....that means the lines are all less than a half inch apart. LESS THAN A HALF INCH!

This square alone took me like forty five minutes! And it's not even finished! That is just way too long. Admittedly....by this point in the quilting Olympics I was bored and slow but I already started! ....how long would it take to rip it all out?! TOO LONG! 

Let's not even talk about how long these take k? I'm not ready.

Then we get to this point. There's NO WAY. That I am going to do that same crazy thing in here! But I can't find a good marking alternative either! I know that I don't want to use a frixion pen because I've had dodgy luck with them in the past and I don't apparently know how to use a hera marker properly (I can't see the lines when it's under the bright direct light from my machine!)

 I recently got this roly chalk marker thingy that I have liked so far so maybe I will try that!
See you later lovelies!

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  1. It won't help you for this time, but it'll save you time on future projects: tape. just good old masking tape. Wrap a little bit around your guide bar (on each side) after you get it positioned perfectly, and that will keep it from moving on you.
    Good luck finishing ~ Tracy

  2. I love this quilt. Your fabric choices are great and the charcoal works beautifully!

    1. Thank you so much Emma! I think choosing fabric just might be my very favorite part of the whole process!

  3. I love those chalk things but the blue might be hard to see against the dark farbic. Yellow is hard to remove but white seems to work ok for me!

    1. I actually bought the yellow one! I stole that picture from the internet because I didn't have mine on hand to take a photo of. I've noticed it can be a bit finicky to get off as well though!